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Jan van Haasteren National Puzzle Championship 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

by Jumbo
SKU J19090
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This special Jan van Haasteren jigsaw puzzle features a fantastic jigsaw puzzle competition! The perfect jigsaw for Jan van Haasteren puzzle fans!

It's the return of the National Jigsaw Puzzle championships, and the competition is well underway. Cheerleaders are stood on stage in puzzle costumes to cheer on the competitors, who are all jam packed in this busy hall! Someone has left the door open, which is causing all kinds of chaos! Who will be the winner of this competition - will it be the boy scouts, the robots, or even the octopus maybe? He does have plenty of arms to get him through! 

This fun-filled jigsaw puzzle is fantastic to complete.

Dimensions: 68 x 49cm

Number of Pieces: 1000