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Simply the best puzzles a-round!

These puzzles are designed not drive you around the bend! Circle jigsaw puzzles present a unique puzzling challenge like no other! With no corner pieces or straight edges, knowing where to start is a challenge in itself! But, the sense of accomplishment when you complete a round jigsaw puzzle is truly worth it.

Circle puzzles are smaller than a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle but are more challenging than a 500 piece, which is perfect for anyone looking a for a different kind of puzzle to try - they also fit brilliantly on the coffee / kitchen table without taking up too much space. Once complete they will be the talking point of your table!

This unique design may encourage you to work in a different way than what you're used to. Re-training your brain to see the image from a different perspective. Most puzzlers start from the outside in, as it is easier to start with straight edged pieces however our circular puzzles may tempt you to start with the centre piece  as they are uniquely shaped and work your way outwards (depending on the design).

Our Impuzzible flower range includes our fantastic sunflower fundraiser puzzle for Ukraine, we donate 100% of the profits to DEC campaign. Our flower Impuzzible 400 piece puzzles are the perfect gift for garden lovers and mindful puzzlers, especially great for Winter when you are missing being able to get out in the garden or a treasured gift for those who like a challenge but are struggling for space.

Our latest puzzle in the collection is a stunning puzzle from the National Gallery called 'A winter scene with skaters near a castle' by Hendrick Avercamp - Find our Fine art circular puzzle here!'

Whichever way you start your puzzle you will be sure to reap what you sow as this spectacular range helps your busy mind grow!