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Amazing Jigsaw Puzzles from Schmidt!

Enjoy a beautiful range of  Schmidt jigsaw puzzles from Coiled Spring.

Step in to a world full of mystique and make believe. This extraordinary collection will take you in to another dimension from planets to picturesque paintings we'll find you a puzzle that is out of this world!!

Check out our magical Disney puzzles by Thomas Kinkade, well known as the heart of hidden cottages he is a famous American artist known as "The painter of light" - these enchanting puzzles are especially challenging as the light illuminates through the painting.

You will find some hidden gems as Kinkade playfully mixes up his Disney characters, you will find hidden Mickey Mouse's in the Little Mermaid puzzle as well as many other cleverly placed characters along the way and often the initial N is hidden in his paintings as dedication to his wife Nanette. We love completing a puzzle and looking for hidden gems, many manufacturers do this and it makes for a very pleasurable puzzling experience.

Stand out from the crowd with Steve Sundram's loud and marvellous mania puzzles, a classic example is 'Cat Mania' Possibly the craziest cats we've seen for a while, watch them sing, Purrfect and pawfom their latest tuna's in this magical musical performance!

We have a sensational selection for all ages to enjoy. Start them young - Not forgetting the Puzzle juniors discover our exciting new 60 piece Playmobile puzzles ideal for budding firefighters and tiny Zookeepers!