All Jigsaw Puzzles Subscription Update - 14th April 2020

Unfortunately we have to postpone this month's All Jigsaw Puzzle subscription (15th April 2020) until next month due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Why have we had to postpone the subscription?

Since the UK lockdown, we have been inundated with orders and have been working with a significantly reduced number of staff. Due to this, we have not been able to make any jigsaw puzzles that are brand new, which includes the subscription puzzle. As you know, the All Jigsaw Puzzles subscription includes a brand new and exclusive puzzle each month that you can't get anywhere else. As this is what we pride our jigsaw puzzle subscription service on, we did not want to just replace this month with an older puzzle, as we feel that the exclusivity of the puzzle is the core value of the subscription. Please be assured that the jigsaw puzzle subscription will resume next month, now we have had more time to figure out how we will be working going forward.

You will not be charged this month. Your subscription will remain valid and will resume as normal next month, which will be the 15th May 2020.

If you have a pre-paid gift subscription, we will add an additional month to your subscription so you don't miss out.

As usual we thank you all for your kind support and patience during this time.