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Ravensburger is one of Europe's leading manufacturer of puzzles, games and activity products and their jigsaws are famous around the world. Did you know Ravensburger puzzles are manufactured in the heart of Germany, right in the centre of Ravensburg?

Now you know where the name came from did you know that Ravensburger have produced one of the worlds largest jigsaw puzzles for retailpurposes? A magnificent montage of Disney, with a whopping  40,320 piece puzzle that measures a huge 22 foot long, 140 square feet, weighs almost 20KG and would take approximately 600 hours to complete.

They even set a new world record back in 2008 in Ravensburg where they held a public puzzle event to make an 1,141,800 piece puzzle in only 5 hours measuring an incredible 20 x 30 meters - Wow!

We stock the latest designs to ensure you have the best selection of premium puzzles at your finger tips. Ravensburger is renowned for it's 'soft click' technology, as a trusted manufacture in the puzzling world and unquestionable quality they are the perfect gift to frame and display on the wall. 

With regular new releases you will always find a  puzzle that you've haven't done before, lots of fun and difficult challenges to explore. Puzzles for all ages and sizes from the likes of Colin Thompson, Aimee Stewart, Linda Jane Smith and many more!

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