Take A Wander Through Wiltshire With Tim Bulmer!

Take A Wander Through Wiltshire With Tim Bulmer!

Welcome back to the blog! It’s a new year and today we are very excited to share with you a brand new comical map jigsaw puzzle by Tim Bulmer, ‘Wiltshire’. Tim has researched this west-country county to bring you the fun new Wiltshire jigsaw puzzle bursting with hilarious facts.

As you piece together this entertaining jigsaw, you will discover all kinds of facts about Wiltshire! Did you know Clarendon Palace in Winterslow held the tenure of service to provide a pitcher of claret on permanent stand for the King? Or that in Trowbridge in 1803, Thos Helliker lead a “Cloth Workers vs Power Looms” riot and was hanged on his 19th birthday?

Each entertaining piece of knowledge is accompanied by one of Tim’s whimsical illustrations, creating a hilarious jigsaw puzzle to complete.

This joyous jigsaw puzzle of Wiltshire is perfect for those who call this historic county home and anyone who wants to discover more about Wonderful Wiltshire.

Happy puzzling!

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