January's Monthly Favourite Jigsaw Puzzles!

January's Monthly Favourite Jigsaw Puzzles!

Want to know what’s our Brrilliant Best-sellers are this month? Time to check out our mesmerising Monthly favourites collection!


❄️  Winter Cabin 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle ❄️


Winter Cabin 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


A glowing retreat hidden from the world, nestled in a serene snowscape. There’s lots of beautiful creatures of the forest to meet, As you enter this enchanting puzzle, it’s the perfect seasonal treat! An idyllic escape with not a sound to be heard, if you look to the skies it’s twinkling with birds. With a flurry of snow as fur friends gather round, explore this magical scene where pure peace can be found.


🎊 Jumbos JVH 170th Anniversary 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 🎊


JVH's 170th anniversary 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle


Time to get your glad rags on for the puzzle party of the century! The Red carpet’s rolled out ready for Jumbo’s 170th anniversary celebrations. This extraordinary elephant has been entertaining us puzzle people for decades, so what better way to say  hooray than with their latest masterpiece from Jan Van Haasteren? A ‘Top Trunk’ jigsaw full of pleasure, for you to piece together at your leisure!


The Telegraph’s 2023 According to Blower 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 


Be amazed by this Tip Top puzzle from The Telegraph’s award-winning cartoonist Patrick Blower!

Packed with political ‘potty’ness, fun and glee! It’s no surprise it’s so loved; Blowers round up of ’23! This puzzling gem covers the headline stories, the good, bad and ugly in all it’s glory!

Piece together headlines and the latest scandals as the truth from our government can be too much to handle! Piece by piece you’ll remember a year like no other, full of funny surprises from our front page covers!


🐦 Christmas songbirds 500 Extra Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle 🐦

Christmas songbirds 500 Extra Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzle


This glorious Winter bird puzzle from Ravensburger reminds us of what wonderful wildlife we have at this time of year. As the barren tree’s are bursting with bright red berries you can hear the sweet melodies of our songbirds singing all merry! A coal tit, blue tit and robin standing tall, a colourful chaffinch and wren amongst them all. Protectors of the garden, rising with the sun. A true puzzling delight and so much fun!

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