Mike Jupp and All Jigsaw Puzzles Partnership

Where can I get Mike Jupp I Love jigsaw puzzles now? 

The incredible Mike Jupp I Love jigsaw puzzle range is now part of Mike Jupp’s own brand of jigsaw puzzles and are made and sold by All Jigsaw Puzzles. Discover the Mike Jupp I Love jigsaw puzzle range here. 

Why has Mike Jupp joined All Jigsaw Puzzles?

All Jigsaw Puzzles is a British manufacturer. All our puzzles are made in our warehouse in Devon, England, so none of Mike Jupp’s jigsaw puzzles are made overseas and are all proudly Made in Britain!

Mike also wanted to bring his art back to its former uncensored glory, the way in which it was intended to be enjoyed by his fans. Over the years his artwork had been adapted, so Mike has worked on his I Love range to give it a new fresh look and bring it back to its original form - full of fun and Mike’s sense of humour. 

Why are Mike Jupp’s Jigsaw Puzzles more expensive than they used to be?

Mike’s jigsaw puzzles are all Made in Britain by All Jigsaw Puzzles, so they are no longer being produced on-mass from overseas. They are made with top quality materials to ensure they are still that same amazing quality with thick pieces that Mike Jupp fans love. 

Who is Mike Jupp?

Mike Jupp is one of the UK’s most beloved jigsaw puzzle artists. His jigsaw puzzles, in particular his ‘I Love’ range, have been a firm favourite in the jigsaw puzzle world, because of their incredible detail and wonderful humorous designs. 

Are Mike Jupp Jigsaw Puzzles still the same quality?

Yes! Mike Jupp’s jigsaw puzzles are still made on premium 2.5mm board and are the same wonderful quality that puzzlers are used to.