Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzle Subscription Club FAQs

Do you have a question about the Falcon de Luxe Club? See whether we have answered your question below. 

What does the Falcon de Luxe subscription involve?

You will receive one of the latest 1000 piece Falcon de Luxe jigsaw puzzles every month. As a member, you will get these puzzles £1 - £2 cheaper than if you were to buy them separately! We will let you know which puzzle it will be each month, so if you are a big Falcon de Luxe fan and already have that puzzle, you can choose to skip a month and you won't be charged. You can also choose to skip a month if you're going on holiday! There is no contract, there is no commitment  you can cancel at any time.

I am on holiday next month and won’t have time to do my puzzles – can I skip a month?

If you don’t want your puzzle in a certain month, you can login to your account on the All Jigsaw Puzzle store and skip that month. Alternatively you could email us at hello@alljigsawpuzzles.co.uk or you can let us know by giving us a call on 01837 811 317 between 8.30 and 5pm Monday to Friday. Please specify that you are on the Falcon de Luxe subscription.

 I'm not keen on the puzzles I received this month

Give us a call on 01837 811317 or email us on club@alljigsawpuzzles.co.uk so that we can figure out something for you. You will be able to see what the next months puzzle will be, so you can always skip a month if you're not keen on the next puzzle. 

Why can't I just exchange it for another puzzle?

We are unable to exchange the jigsaw puzzle of the month as these are pre-selected between us and Falcon de Luxe. However, if you don't want the puzzle, contact us as per instructions above and we can arrange a return and refund provided that the puzzle has not been opened. You will be able to see which puzzle is up next, so you can choose to skip a month if you don't want that puzzle.

When will my card be charged?

We will automatically take payment for the subscription every month on the 4th. Your puzzle of the month will be dispatched within one working day of this date.  

Can I get a Falcon de Luxe subscription if I live outside the UK?

We are very sorry that this subscription offer is not available outside the UK at the moment but we are working on it!

How long does my membership last?

For however long you want! You choose. You can unsubscribe at any time or just keep going.

When will my puzzle arrive?

We dispatch our subscription orders within one working day of 4th of every month. Please allow 5-10 days for it to get to you.

I haven’t received my puzzle(s) this month – what do I do?

If you have not received your subscription package after 10 days from dispatch, please give us a call on 01837 811 317 between 8.30 and 5pm Monday - Friday so we can sort this out for you. Alternatively email us on club@alljigsawpuzzles.co.uk 

Why don’t you do 500 piece or other piece counts in the Falcon de Luxe Jigsaw Puzzle Monthly Club?

This is something that we will certainly get to but 75% of the jigsaw puzzles that we send out to our customers are 1000 piece jigsaws so we’ve decided to launch this just with 1000 piece puzzles… for now.

Need help managing your subscription? Click here for a handy guide!