Re-introducing... Mike Jupp's "I Love..." Jigsaw puzzles

Re-introducing... Mike Jupp's "I Love..." Jigsaw puzzles

All Jigsaw Puzzles is proud to present… Mike Jupp’s “I Love…” Uncensored!

If you're a fan of jigsaw puzzles, chances are you've heard of Mike Jupp's "I Love…” jigsaw puzzle series. Mike is a British artist who has been creating humorous and detailed illustrations for over 40 years. His puzzles are beloved by fans all over the world for their intricate designs, clever details, and humorous touches.

The "I Love…” jigsaw puzzle series includes a variety different scenes, such as a hectic harbour, a wild wedding and a chaotic Christmas. What sets these puzzles apart from others is the attention to detail in each illustration. There are hidden jokes and puns throughout each puzzle, encouraging you to take your time and really explore the artwork.


Mike says “I'm really thrilled that AJP has chosen to breathe new life into my "I Love..." collection. They've given me the freedom to continue with my "art", silliness for folk who, like me, ... "have a common sense of humour"!”


This Reboot of the series begins with "I Love Autumn," "I Love Winter," "I Love Summer" and the re-titled “I Love Spring Too.” These puzzles are filled with images that capture the essence of each season, from picnics in the park to snowball fights in the garden - surely a fun and challenging way to spend an afternoon.

"I Love Weddings" is a 1000 piece puzzle that features a chaotic scene of scattered wedding guests. The puzzle is full of funny details, like seagulls dive bombing the catering van and a rowdy group of groomsmen being evicted from “Ye Olde Termagant” Pub. Completing this puzzle can take several hours or even days, but the end result is a humorous and satisfying masterpiece.

Another reworked puzzle in the series is "I Love Boats," which features a mad marina with various vessels joining the fray. The puzzle is full of crazy characters and includes sea monsters, mermaids and plenty of poorly passengers. This puzzle is a great choice for lovers of the high seas and has been updated with the addition of a Jet ski, which weren’t around when the puzzle was initially created.

The "I Love…" jigsaw puzzle series is a great choice for puzzle enthusiasts of all skill levels, they are challenging enough to keep you engaged, but not so difficult that you'll get frustrated. They puzzles are also beautifully made in Britain, each puzzle is printed on high-quality 2.5mm board and features a linen finish to reduce glare. The pieces are precision cut, ensuring the same quality puzzlers are used to and a snug fit makes it easy to handle the pieces as you work.

Mike Jupp's "I Love…" jigsaw puzzle series is fun, engaging and full of personality - they're a great way to unwind and challenge your mind! With so many designs to choose from, there's sure to be a puzzle that speaks to your interests, whether you're a seasoned puzzler or just starting out. Pick up Mike Jupp’s revamped “I Love…” jigsaw puzzles today and start puzzling!

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