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The event of the year is upon us, time to get the bunting out, dust off those tea plates and grab a glass ready to celebrate the crowning of his majesty, our King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla on 6th May 2023.

We feel it is important that we mark such a momentous occasion as we all enter a new era. Many of our puzzlers have never witnessed an historical event like this before so we have launched some exciting new puzzles to get you in the Coronation Spirit.

We were very sad as a nation to say goodbye to our much loved monarch – the late Queen Elizabeth II. We have every faith that Charles will succeed in his new role as King because he has been carefully preparing his whole life for this event and has exceeded his Royal duties, gaining many titles through the years but none of them having such significance as the next!

Celebrate the Coronation in style with our charming collection of Coronation puzzles.

All Jigsaw Puzzles proudly presents  –


The Crown - Tim Bulmer - Mad about Monarchs

This beautifully illustrated puzzle by Tim is informative yet fun and will give you an insight to all the Monarchs that have reigned over us to the present day. This latest puzzle is delightfully detailed from conquerors to cavaliers, no monarchs missed out from this iconic illustration. Tim’s light hearted humour is guaranteed to make you smile and makes for pleasurable puzzling for all the family.

Fit for a King – Mike Jupp - Cheeky Charles

This cheeky caricature of Charles captures the humour and charm of our new King giving us a glimpse of the passions and pastimes as Charles transitions from boy to man. Laced with Latin, crests and crowns, Mike’s magic touch has brought this charming caricature to life.

Chaos at the Coronation - Ricardo Galvao - The Chaos continues!

A coronation you will not forget! A cartoon that is crammed packed with famous faces and fun, when Westminster gets whacky! Full of mishaps and mayhem this puzzles shows what happens when the king has missed the main event! Everyone’s raring to go and the kings a no show, Ricardo’s chaos reigns!!

Buckingham Palace – Wendy Brown - Take the Topsy Turvy Tour!

We are blown away with the new Buckingham palace puzzle. This topsy-turvy palace is totally worth celebrating! Did you know? it’s where the King was born and lived until he was 8 months old! This wonderful water colour puzzle will show Buckingham palace as never seen before depicting all the twists and turns of this lavish London palace. You can see the beautiful birds flying by and beefeaters guarding in style. Surrounded by gorgeous green parks you will fall in love again with London’s luscious landscape.

King Charles III Coronation – All Jigsaw Puzzles - Magnificent Montage

whimsical wooden King Charles jigsaw puzzle

Also available as a 300pc wooden whimsical heirloom gift (made to order)

This magnificent photo montage of Charles, is a classic heirloom gift to celebrate our king through the ages. Watch him grow from Prince to King as we feature these key moments of our future king’s life. These momentous milestones include Charles being cradled in his mother’s arms as a baby, looking suave in his suit in days gone by, pictured with his first wife Princess Diana to the current day where he can been seen scouring gardens with future Queen of consort Camila.

King Charles Coronation III according to Blower - Brilliantly Blower!

Blower has pulled it out the bag again with this colourful cartoon, showing the life of a King! This prized puzzle shows Charles ascension to the throne, caring for the commonwealth, making a stand for climate change, skiing with the children, painting his favourites places, enjoying family picnics and practising polo!


As the 6th May approaches, we hope you will find a way to enjoy the celebrations. Long live the King!

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