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Wasgij Original 19 Cone-gestion 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle



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A wonderful jigsaw puzzle from Wasgij featuring a comical view of every driver's nightmare. With 1000 pieces of high quality that are a pleasure to assemble this puzzle will challenge your mind and make you laugh at the same time. Remember, as with all Wasgij's the image on the box is not the puzzle, merely a helping hand offering clues as to what the characters see. Assemble all the pieces to find what has made them so angry. The illustration depicts a busy motorway where a long line of vehicles are stopped in traffic. A hedgehog acts as a road worker and holds a stop sign, while cones are placed on the tarmac, blocking the way. A family of snails takes advantage and cross to the other side. Overhead, the bridge is full of farmers, cows and one zebra. In traffic, among the shocked drivers, an older couple is having a slice of cake with their tea. The completed image will surely brighten your day.

Dimensions: 68 x 49cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Jumbo
EAN: 8710126172285
Product Code: 17228

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