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Wasgij Retro Mystery 1 - The Wasgij Express! 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle



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‘The Wasgij Express’ is the title of this hugely entertaining 1,000-piece Wasgij Mystery piece jigsaw puzzle.

Oh no, the dastardly master criminal has tied the secret agent and his beautiful companion to the railway lines, and here comes the Wasgij Express!  The police are rushing to the station, but they are not going to arrive in time. Our hero is armed with a pea-shooter - that’s not going to be much help against a train, is it?  What can he do to save the situation?   This is the scene you have to puzzle. 

Dimensions: 68 x 49cm 

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Jumbo
EAN: 8710126191453
Product Code: J19145