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Wasgij Destiny Collectors Box Volume 1 - 3 x 1000 Piece Jigsaws



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The Wasgij Destiny Collector’s Box Vol. 1 is a wonderful triple 1000 piece puzzle pack that includes the box images of the popular Wasgij Destiny jigsaws 1, 2 and 3.

Each 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is individually sealed, and comes with unique collector’s bags inside the outer case, which makes this collector’s box set even more luxurious. It’s a great way to ensure that all the jigsaw pieces for each 1000 piece puzzle are kept together – so you are not rummaging around to sort them all out.

The Collector’s Box includes the box images of the Wasgij Destiny 1: The Best Days of our Lives!, Destiny 2: The Proposal! and Destiny 3: The Sands of Time - making it a must have collectable set for any Wasgij fan and puzzlers alike.

The puzzle image for Wasgij Destiny 1 illustrates a school dining hall crowded with students on their lunch break – but some pupils have other ideas as they choose to do everything apart from eat their sausage and mash. The Wasgij Destiny 2 shows a proposal of a young couple during a romantic picnic by the river, in a thriving seaside town. And the third 1,000 piece puzzle in the box set is the Wasgij Destiny 3 box image that shows what an overcrowded beach would have looked like in the past, with men and women sunbathing in traditional bathing suits or even fully clothed. If you are a Wasgij fan, then you may remember what the Wasgij ‘solution’ images are to these hilarious scenes – if you don’t, then they are well worth looking for.

These are limited edition Wasgij box image puzzles - so unlike standard Wasgij puzzles, you are only piecing together the images that are printed on the box!

All three jigsaw puzzles measure 68 x 49cm (approximately) when complete and have been produced using a high quality cardboard. These fabulous Wasgij box artwork jigsaw puzzles have been illustrated by Jumbo’s popular artist Graham Thompson.

Dimensions - 68 x 49cm

Number of Pieces - 3 x 1000

Brand: Jumbo
EAN: 8710126191248
Product Code: 19124

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