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Swift Sails Game by R.W.Butler Games

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Swift Sails
Race your boats to victory!

It's a beautiful, calm day on the lake‚ perfect conditions for a sail race against your opponent! Prove who the star sailor really is. The aim of the game is to get your three sailing boats in an unbroken line on the board first. Take in turns to launch and navigate your boats around the board. But be careful! Your opponent can place an island on any empty space to block your boats and make you change course! Use your island wisely, as you only get one chance to use it and cause a splash. Navigate your boats vertically, horizontally or diagonally, using the arrow on your playing piece to sail your boat in the right direction. First player to get three boats in a row is the winner! A fun, nautical noughts and crosses‚ style sailing game with a twist. Who will be the swiftest sailor and win the race?

Number of Players: 2
Suitable for ages: 13+
Average time of play: 15+ mins

What's included?
1 x purple island piece
3 x purple boat pieces
1 x green island piece
3 x green boat pieces
1 board
How to play? Find the full set of instructions here

R.W.Butler Games in association with Mad Games