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Spot The Sillies - Pesky Pirates, 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle



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A delightful jigsaw from the 'Spot The Sillies' collection made by Gibson, this is a great 100 piece puzzle for children of five years and up. With plenty of characters engaged in action filled scenes, the image is a joy to complete. 'Pesky Pirates' is a fun and colourful illustration with many humorous details hidden throughout. Set right in the moments after the pirates have taken over a ship, we can see their skull and bones flag flying on the mast. Armed with swords, the pirates are quarrelling with the prisoners while in the background a pirate runs away on a jet ski. A lovely island stands out from the deep blue sea while a few sharks circle the ship. Remember, with the puzzles from this series the image on the box shows the majority of characters, but a sneaky few will only appear once you have finished the picture. Finding all of them proves to be a game in itself with some fun and charming results.

Dimensions: 49 x 35.5 cm

Number of Pieces: 100

Brand: Gibsons
EAN: 5012269015003
Product Code: G1500

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