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Snoozing on the Ted 250XL Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

by Gibsons
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SKU G2719
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Snoozing on the Ted, illustrated by Steve Read, makes for purr-fect puzzling as a 250XL Piece Jigsaw Puzzle.

Four little kittens found their way into the toy cabinet. There is so much in here to capture their interest, including a dolly, a robot, enticing kite strings or a bright spinning top. And which mouse to choose from- a still wooden one or a lively real one? But the biggest attraction of all is a big soft-bellied Ted, which is oh-so-comfy for snoozing on!

This stunning jigsaw puzzle from Gibsons is made from 250 extra large pieces, making them much easier to pick up and to help see the detail on each puzzle piece.‚ 

Dimensions: 48cm x 34cm

Number of Pieces: 250XL Pieces