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Road Safety Jigsaw Puzzle

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This Road Safety jigsaw puzzle is an animated reminder of good practices that will help to keep you safe as you travel the highways and byways. It has one central picture that has references on the side that help explain how these are safe practices. This puzzle comes with a tray that can be used to assemble the puzzle and store spare pieces while you are working on it. This puzzle will be a challenge to assemble, but when you're finished it will be more than worthy of framing and display. You may even want to place it in your child's room as a reminder of what to do - or what not to do - to stay safe on the roads today. This is the obvious choice for new drivers or those who soon will be. If you have one of those yourself, you'll want to keep it for your own family. Order it today and get the fun of assembling it with your family started.

Dimensions: 28.5 x 36.5cm

Number of Pieces: 35

Brand: Larsen
EAN: 7023850227024
Product Code: OB2

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