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Renato Casaro Forever Young, James Dean Jigsaw Puzzle

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A beautiful painting made by the renowned Italian artist Renato Casaro, who combines his love for film and art to create his amazing work. 'Forever Young, James Dean' is transformed by Schmidt into a lovely 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle you will love to assemble. The completed picture can also be framed and displayed as a wonderful piece of art that will add charm to any room. The illustration is painted with muted colours in shades of grey, light brown and cream. The only vivid colour comes from the personalised car plate on the ground, in a bright blue and yellow. The tragic film star walks on a deserted street framed on both sides by black classic cars. A mandatory cigarette between his lips, Dean holds his hands into his pockets and gazes into the distance. Casaro has captured the essence of old Hollywood in this painting, with all its mystery and glamour. This puzzle would make a perfect gift for any art and cinema lover.

Dimensions: 693 x 493mm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Schmidt
EAN: 4001504575496
Product Code: 57549

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