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Renato Casaro - 100 Years of Film Jigsaw Puzzle

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A lovely painting by the popular Italian artist Renato Casaro. '100 Years of Film' features the artist's wonderful style of referencing famous works of art. 'The School of Athens' by Renaissance artist Raphael originally showed various philosophers in a large hall and in Casaro's version they are all replaced by movie stars. With 1000 pieces that are a joy to assemble, this jigsaw puzzle is a great challenge and would make a perfect gift for an art and cinema lover. Marilyn Monroe is pictured, as always, in the centre, wearing her iconic pink dress while Elvis Presley and James Dean are by her side. The characters from Star Wars are painted near Batman and Bruce Lee while on the other side of the image, voluptuous Jessica Rabbit sits next to the beloved duo Laurel and Hardy. Fellini is placed in the director's chair, in the foreground. You can try and see how many stars you can name without looking on the box.

Dimensions: 69 x 49cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Schmidt
EAN: 4001504572907
Product Code: 57290

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