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Queen Elizabeth II Reign 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's reign with this commemorative 1,000 piece Falcon de Luxe jigsaw puzzle.

Piece together nine stunning images of Queen Elizabeth II, of which eight are decorated in a gold frame and include the year in which the photograph or painting was taken.

The first painting in the top left corner shows The Queen’s wedding day in November 1947 with King Phillip walking her back down the aisle and past her adoring family and guests. The second photograph shows The Queen riding a horse in full military attire from circa 1950. The third photograph shows The Queen and King Phillip waving from the balcony of Buckingham Palace in March 1953. The fourth image is a painting from June 1953 and features the royal carriage being paraded through the streets. In the bottom left corner is the fourth image that is a painting of The Queen's royal visit to Canada in August 1959. The fifth image is a charming photograph of The Queen and her family posing for photographs in April 1959. Moving onto the sixth image featured in this jigsaw puzzle, it is a photograph that captures The Queen’s beautiful smile from circa 1972. The seventh image is another photograph of The Queen in February 2008 and the final image to this 1,000 piece puzzle is of a young and extremely beautiful Queen dressed in jewels and embedded with a gold framed union jack flag.

The finished size of the 1000 piece puzzle measures 68 x 49cm (approximately) and has been produced using a high quality cardboard to ensure every jigsaw piece maintains its original shape time and time again.

Dimensions: 68 x 49cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Falcon de Luxe
EAN: 8710126110850
Product Code: J11085

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