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Our Climate and the Greenhouse Effect Jigsaw Puzzle

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This detailed 69 piece jigsaw puzzle made by Larsen is a fun way to learn all about the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect and the photosynthesis. For slightly older children, this puzzle is an educational tool as well as a fun project to complete. 'Our Climate and the Greenhouse Effect' explains through diagrams and vivid pictures the way water and oxygen circulate in nature and the dangers the surplus of carbon dioxide presents in the modern world. The beautifully and extremely detailed illustrations offer children an enjoyable alternative to a dull lesson. Filled with facts and easy to understand this puzzle is a way for parents to teach their children how things that happen in nature can affect the world and their future. How protecting the environment and reducing carbon dioxide amounts released into the air guarantees for a better tomorrow. This is an educational tray puzzle. The puzzle is completed in the tray, which also stores the pieces after use rather than in a box as with traditional jigsaws.

Dimensions: 36.5 x 28.5 cm

Number of Pieces: 69

Brand: Larsen
EAN: 7023850239010
Product Code: NB1

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