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Number Turtle Row - Handcrafted Wooden Jigsaw with Storage Bag

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A wonderful addition to the series of puzzles made for children of three years and up. Manufactured by Alphabet Jigsaws, this is a fun educational tool to teach numbers, colours, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. A must have for any parent who wants to challenge and engage the minds of their younger children while they play. The puzzle is made of 10 brightly coloured pieces that fit together perfectly and are easy to assemble. Turtles painted in various shades of purple, blue, green yellow and red are placed one in front of the other, from the smallest to the largest. All are numbered on their shell, offering a lovely opportunity for younger children to learn numbers in a fun way. This amazing game is a great tool that greatly develops attention to detail and concentration while providing parents with an opportunity to teach important lessons as they play with their children, putting all the pieces together.

Dimensions: 72 x 9cm

Number of Pieces: 10

Brand: Alphabet Jigsaws
EAN: 5015822494727
Product Code: 200

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