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I Love My State 400 Piece Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle (New Mexico - South Carolina)


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A beautifully illustrated 'I Love My State' 400 Piece Personalized Map Jigsaw Puzzle of the state you love.

This puzzle is made to order - Please allow up to 21 days for your puzzle to arrive at this time.

Enjoy a unique look at the United States of America, with this fascinating collection of 400-piece I Love My State‚ jigsaw puzzles. Choose from or collect all 50 state jigsaw puzzles, which feature enthralling facts and recognizable towns and landmarks. Put your own stamp on your beautifully illustrated state puzzle by personalizing it with your name and/or message. The perfect memento of your favorite state in America. This could be where you grew up, the state you live in now or the state that is home to your most cherished vacation spot. Find something interesting in every piece of these colorful jigsaw puzzles.

Choose from‚ New Mexico,‚ New York,‚ North Carolina,‚ North Dakota,‚  Ohio,‚ Oklahoma,‚ Oregon,‚ Pennsylvania,‚ Rhode Island & South Carolina. to view the entire‚ I Love My State‚ Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle click here.

  • A unique look at‚ the state
  • Personalized with your name and/or message
  • 400 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Beautifully illustrated to showcase landmarks, towns and cities
  • Includes fun facts about the state
  • Part of the collectable‚ 'I Love My State' jigsaw puzzle range‚ and makes a great gift

Dimensions:‚ 18.5‚� x 12.2‚� (completed jigsaw puzzle size)

Number of Pieces:‚ 400