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Gallop In The Snow Jigsaw Puzzle

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This 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of horses galloping through the white snow is perfect for anybody who loves horses. The photo really captures the movement and the grace of the horse and two energetic ponies as they gallop together through the powdery snow. Part of the "Animal Kingdom" series, this beautifully shot image will be perfect for horse lovers both young and old. The image is fresh and crisp and you can almost feel the clear, cold air. Many horses love the snow, they will run, buck and roll and roll when let out into snow after being kept indoors for any length of time. Designed for children 8 years and up, this puzzle is made from high quality material and has Soft-Click-Technology so the pieces make a small satisfying clicking noise when the right pieces are fitted together. The board is coated in a linen finish to prevent glare.

Dimensions: 49 x 36cm

Number of Pieces: 500

Brand: Ravensburger
EAN: 4005556141401
Product Code: 141401

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