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Extinct Giants XXL 300pc 9+ Jigsaw Puzzle



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The perfect puzzle for anyone with a interest in dinosaurs. This 300 piece puzzle has a stunning attention to detail and a collection of dinosaurs of all different types, from the well armoured, herbivore triceratops and the fast, intelligent Velociraptors, to the slow moving and massive Apatosaurus wading through the river and the Pterodactyls riding the hot air rising off the jungle filled valley. The lush plant life from the Jurassic era is shrouded in mist as the sun shines down in rays through the clouds. The Jurassic period extends from 201 million years ago to 145 years ago and is the middle period of the dinosaur or reptile period. It is also when the continents started to break up and drift apart, creating much more coastline and causing the temperature to rise, resulting in the tropical jungle landscapes you see in this puzzle.

Made from extra large pieces this puzzle is great for young beginners and those who need larger pieces due to sight or handling difficulties.

Dimensions: 49 x 36cm

Number of Pieces: 300

Brand: Ravensburger
EAN: 4005556130443
Product Code: 130441

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