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Drive In 58 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle - Larsen



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A charming cartoon impression of an American drive in, with bright colours and many detailed elements. Manufactured by Larsen, this 58 piece jigsaw puzzle is a joy to assemble and will surely be loved by children who are passionate about all kinds of cars. The completed image can be framed and proudly displayed in their room as a unique poster that will add cheerfulness to any space.

The illustration features various cars and characters in a colourful and busy scene. An ice cream truck with a clever decoration is approached by two customers while a dog happily runs around the parking spaces. A man puts some fuel in his green car while another is closely watched by his black and white dog as he inflates the tires of a race car.

On the road, a classic red car's passenger waves at someone while a police car leads the way for a firetruck. Children will love this amazing and action filled puzzle.

Dimensions: 36.5 x 28.5cm

Number of Pieces: 58

Brand: Larsen
EAN: 7023850220193
Product Code: US19

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