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Disneyland Jigsaw Puzzle



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A charming addition to the Disney series from King, this illustration depicts a very special day at Disneyland. All the beloved characters take advantage of a closed for tourists day and they enjoy the wonders the park has to offer. With vivid colours and numerous detailed elements, this image is a pleasure to contemplate. Though it has a higher piece count of 1000, older children will no doubt have a lot of fun taking this fascinating challenge and recreate their favourite characters. The tram has stopped to let Ariel out while a few Dalmatians are not ready to get off. The Aristocrats are having a street party accompanied by jazz music while Mickey is the leader of a march band. The blue Genie glides over the scene and is joined by Peter Pan and Tinkerbell while Dumbo uses a balloon to help him fly. In the distance the castle is painted in lilac and white. This is a wonderful puzzle that will brighten any day.

Dimensions: 68cm x 49cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: King
EAN: 8710125050867
Product Code: 5086

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