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Design - Duality Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a stunning jigsaw puzzle from Heye's fantastic collection. Featuring an illustration by American artist Colin Johnson, the image is a joy to contemplate and to complete. With 1000 gorgeously painted pieces, the puzzle is as challenging as it is beautiful. Johnson, who has received wide recognition for his work, creates illustrations with an extraordinary wealth of details in vivid colours. This image is no exception and it shows the artist's great skill in drawing and painting intricate elements that complement each other. 'Duality' is visually striking, with the two sides of the picture in contrast with each other in theme and in the scheme colour. On the right side there is a beautiful underwater scene made to look like a forest, with coral and other plants in blue, cream and brown. On the left side, a busy montage of symbols, city names, modern appliances and numbers. Made for art lovers who love a challenge, this is a wonderful puzzle to assemble and admire.

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Heye
EAN: 4001689295578
Product Code: 29557

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