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Cartoon Classics - Snowboards Jigsaw Puzzle



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From the funny 'Cartoon Classics' series made by Heye, this is another hilarious jigsaw puzzle that will make you laugh. The image, created by the popular French artist Roger Blachon, features a busy winter scene with numerous characters engaged in humorous situations. Snowboarders and skiers painted with vividly coloured clothing collide with each other, wild animals and various objects in this charming image. In the background, a black bear approaches an orange tent, to the surprise of its inhabitants. A woman on a snowboard in a pink jacket glides on the snow as she carries a pram. Below, as some take impressive leaps through the air, others are stuck in an unfortunate mass collision. Climbers are advancing on the icy rock from the opposite side, while a bored mountain goat looks on. Brightly coloured and plenty of delightful hidden details make this puzzle an absolute joy to assemble. Spend a fun night with your friends putting it all together and see who can spot the most elements that have an odd twist.

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Heye
EAN: 4001689295653
Product Code: 29565

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