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By Sea, Land & Air, 3 x 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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A must for anyone interested in the military, this is a collection of three puzzles of five hundred pieces each. Named 'By Sea Land and Air' it features an interesting glimpse of the three different branches of military service. The images depict the HMS Ark Royal at sea, two powerful Tornadoes GR4 in flight, and a group of Royal Marines engaged in a training exercise. Manufactured by Falcon, the jigsaw puzzles are quite demanding, in spite of the limited number of pieces, though the three images are not at the same level of difficulty. Perhaps the most challenging as a whole is the image of the two Tornadoes, with its many tones of blues and light purples that blend into one another. The calm sea the dark brown earth and the light blue skies from the other two images rise to a high level of complexity for anyone who wants to finish this wonderful collection.

Dimensions: 60 x 90cm

Number of Pieces: 500

Brand: Jumbo
EAN: 8710126110393
Product Code: 11039

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