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Arche Noah - Colin Thompson Jigsaw Puzzle

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A fascinating version of Noah's Ark painted by the popular artist Colin Thompson. With bright colours and many charming elements that add a surreal atmosphere, the image is a pleasure to contemplate. The jigsaw puzzle has 1000 pieces that fit together perfectly and would make a perfect gift for an art lover or anyone who enjoys recreating whimsical works of art. The famous ark is here a floating city with houses, towers, a lighthouse and a steam locomotive. The bright yellow windows cast a warm glow while vividly coloured sails and flags add cheerfulness to the ship. Various animals are on board and they have crowns on their heads while a late arrival, a grey elephant, approaches in a small red boat. Many birds are perched on structures and others fly over the light blue sky. The sea has a beautiful shade of green on its surface changing to blue underneath the waves. This beautiful puzzle is captivating to complete and will entertain you for many hours.

Dimensions: 50 x 70cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Schmidt
EAN: 4001504594039
Product Code: 59403

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