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Your order may take up to 5-10 working days to reach you during this busy time.
Your order may take up to 5-10 working days to reach you during this busy time.

Statement for All Jigsaw Puzzles Customers - COVID-19

25th March Update - Our UK store re-opens for orders

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Please read the following.


Statement for All Jigsaw Puzzle - Covid-19


As you may know, on the 24th March 2020, we decided to temporarily suspend taking any new orders on all of our stores. It was a difficult decision to make but one that was most definitely in the best interests of our staff. Not only was it the appropriate response to the UK lockdown, but it also meant we could take some time to re-align ourselves and ensure that we could send out the high volume of orders we received to our lovely customers in the safest and most effective way. 


Following the advice of the UK government to allow online retailers to continue trading, as well as having time to catch up with orders, we have decided to accept orders again on our UK store. As we still have a lot of existing orders to get through, please allow 5-10 working days for your order to arrive. We will do our very best to get your order to you sooner, we just want to ensure you are aware that it will take longer for your order to be received. Please also note that we are only sending to UK addresses at this time. 


We are so grateful for your patience at this time, as well as your support! We want to keep going for as long as we can. So while this is possible, we want to be able to send you jigsaw puzzles to keep you busy during this difficult time. We will continue to update you on our social media and through our emails. You can sign up to our email at the bottom of the page.


If you have an outstanding order that you are waiting for, please be assured that we will get this sent out to you as soon as we can. At the moment, it can take 5-10 working days from receipt of your order to reach you.


We are a small business based in the heart of Devon. We employ 30 staff who are our absolute priority. Everyone is healthy and keeping them and their loved ones safe and well is always front of mind, which is why many are working from home and we are only allowing a very small number of staff to work in our warehouse at any one time. All of the staff have been amazing during this time and their safety is paramount. We are ensuring that any staff member who does not wish to work in the warehouse does not need to and we are ensuring these members of staff stay at home. All members of staff who are in the warehouse will be following strict social distancing rules as well as hand sanitizing and cleaning down surfaces as much as possible. 


We want to keep trading for as long as possible as we can see how important jigsaw puzzles are to you all based on the amount of orders we have received in the past week alone. We know that this is because jigsaw puzzles are a great activity to do at home. It gets you away from your screens and keeps the mind occupied and thinking about something else other than the news!


In these troubling times, myself and everyone at All Jigsaw Puzzles want you all to stay safe and healthy wherever you are. We're aware that indoor hobbies like board games, jigsaw puzzles and colouring are already helping so many people keep spirits high, but we would also love it if you guys kept in touch with us and each other. Isolation is a challenge for even the healthiest of people, so we would love for you all to chat, share your tricks for staying entertained and keep each other happy! So do come on over to our Facebook page, where we will be having a chat and talking about our favourite things to do.


So please - be kind, be helpful and share a smile however you know how.


Best wishes,

Cynthia Yeoh

Marketing Director

Map Marketing t/a All Jigsaw Puzzles

p.s. I am trying to keep everyone updated with a daily update which you can view on our blog. Click here