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Sheep Rustler Game by R.W.Butler Games

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Find your flock as fast as you can!

The sheep have escaped from the pen! Your challenge? Get them in the pen as fast as you can and work your way to the finish line! The aim of the game is to create a winning pen‚ in order to win the round and move to the next place on the board. The first player to get a winning pen‚, consisting of two fence cards, and four sheep cards, must shout rustled‚ to secure their title as the winner of the round. These grumpy grass munchers don't always want to play ball, and with the Wicked Wolf, Sheep Rustler and other calamitous cards out to cause havoc, You'll need to use your cards wisely to win the game! With sprinkle of good luck, who will find their flock the fastest and win the game?‚ 

Number of Players: 2 - 6
Suitable for ages 13+
Average time of play: 45+ mins

What's included?
52 playing cards
12 Reference Cards
6 playing pieces (meeples)
1 board
How to play? Find the full set of instructions here

R.W.Butler Games in association with Mad Games