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Capture the Flag Game by R.W.Butler Games

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A competitive game of risk, challenges, team spirit and fun!

It's a sunny day in your neighbourhood and a game of capture the flag has been called! Your mission is to get your team of runners to hold all the flags or be the last team on the board! If you do this, you win!
To play, you will need to collect actions points from the rolling the dice, use challenge cards to take flags from your opponents and keep your runners safe through strategic decisions. Move around the board to chase other runners, pick up flags and defend your team! Be careful not to get benched‚ by the challenges and keep your flags safe by moving around the board.
A fast and fun game of tag with twists and turns. Who will be the winning team? Perfect to play with families and friends!

Number of Players: 2 - 4 players
Suitable for ages: 13+
Average time of play: 45+ mins

What's included?
20 x Wooden Meeples (5 x 4 colours)
5 x flags (mini elastic bands)
2 x Dice
32 x Challenge Cards
4 x Reference Cards
1 board
1 Rule Sheet
How to play? Find the full set of instructions here

R.W.Butler Games in association with Mad Games