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Moments - Tomorrow, Buchholz 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a special jigsaw puzzle from Heye's wonderful collection of art inspired puzzles. Created by German artist Quint Buchholz, who uses photorealism to paint beautiful works of art, this image will bring you into a magic world full of secrets and intriguing details. A painting of brilliant technical ability, this picture is a challenging puzzle to assemble. With 1000 beautiful pieces the quest to find the right ones to fit together will keep your mind engaged the whole time. The light blue sky, the darker blue of the sea the uniform green of the grass and the stones from a charmingly built wall will probably be the trickiest to complete. The scene, with its magical realism, is a wonderful piece of art. We see a travelling father and son walking on a bridge just as they have left their carriage behind. On top, a giant globe partly covered with a white sheet. A serene and captivating image that is a delight to assemble.

Dimensions: 50cm x 70cm

Number of Pieces: 1000

Brand: Heye
EAN: 4001689295387
Product Code: 29538