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Collection: Animals and Wildlife Jigsaw Puzzles

Our Entire Collection of Animals and Wildlife 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles.

Welcome to our 'Pawsome' collection of animal and wildlife puzzles! If you love furry friends as much as we do then come and have a look inside our Puzzle zoo! From selfies to paintings, cartoons to critters, horses to horned owls we have the ultimate selection of animal puzzles for you to admire.

Did you know? one of our all time Best-selling animal puzzles is Dogs in a cottage garden (You'd be barking mad to miss this one!)  How many hounds are hiding within the gates? An adorable puzzle to get you  lost in Labradors! 

If you're an artic explorer, or searching for safari, fancy some deep sea diving or simply minding you own bee'sness you will appreciate all that our animal puzzles have to offer! Domestic or wild release your inner child and explore the full animal range today!

Animals and wildlife puzzles are the best escape to get down and dirty in nature whilst keeping yourself dry and warm in the comfort of your own home. Dig deep in to our collection and you will be sure to find some exciting flora and fauna puzzles as well as a huge array of animal themed puzzles from every corner of the world.

Have you seen our hilarious party animal range by Mike Jupp? Mike's cleverly titled these puzzles with typical British sayings 'Blind as a Bat', 'P*ssed as a Newt', 'High as a Kite' and 'Drunk as a skunk' they are such fun to piece together if you fancy a laugh or know someone with a silly sense of humour these are the best gift!

We have some Incredible animal print Impuzzibles too

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