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Wasgij Original 23 - The Bake Off

Wasgij Original 23 - The Bake Off

 Wasgij Original 23 - The Bake Off

WASGIJ Bake Off All Jigsaw Puzzles
  • No soggy bottoms
  • No buying cakes from the shops
  • No having your cake and eating it
  • No fingers in pies
  • No biting

These are the rules on the walls of the tent at the baking contest that will look very familiar to fans of Mary Berry! Wasgij Original 23 - The Bake Off is the latest offering from Wasgij. To solve this puzzle you have to imagine that you are the judge with the stripy top (is that Mel or Sue?) and piece together what she can see. The Bake Off coincides with the Little Snoring History Pageant so it's inevitable that havoc will ensue. This is another great Wasgij and is packed with fun references to the TV programme (and modern life in general!) so it's a welcome addition to the Wasgij Original collection - in fact it's encouraging to see that there's no drop-off in creativity or originality.

WASGIJ Bake Off Extra All Jigsaw Puzzles Original Extension Pack 1: The Bake Off continued‚ and like the TV programme this puzzle has an extra bit The Bake Off continued... which is  one of the first extensions that Wasgij have launched. 

The idea of the extension puzzle is to allow you to add an extra 250 pieces to the right hand side of the completed Original 23, or it can be enjoyed on its own as a mini-puzzle. It's an innovative concept and it will be interesting to see how puzzlers react to this. Do let us know what you think.

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