Introducing New Mike Jupp Jigsaw Puzzles

Introducing... Mike Jupp Jigsaw Puzzles!

If you’ve been a puzzle fan for a while, you’re sure to know Mike Jupp. He is one of the most beloved jigsaw puzzle artists in the world and his comical creations have delighted puzzlers for over 20 years.

Mike Jupp is a Professional Cartoonist - inspired to pursue the profession firstly by his flippant attitude towards most things, and secondly by a group of WW2 Veterans at the local rifle club when he was 14. While waiting his turn for target practice, he would draw on the back of used targets and the veterans would enjoy the drawings and share them amongst themselves, giving Mike a confidence boost in his ability.

He found his calling in art, having been expelled from school and sent to The West Sussex College of Art & Design, Worthing – he explored the work of superb draughtsman such as George Studdy, Roland Emett, the Heath Robinsons, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Lawson Wood, Karl Giles etc.

After leaving college, he started in advertising design for a local Chichester newspaper then after a couple of years was accepted by an American Incentive company in Park Lane, London. After that he started Freelance work in advertising and publishing. His agent was Andy Archer (‘Archer Art’), one of the top two Illustrators Agents in Great Britain (The other being Chris Meikleljohn). He has been a professional artist ever since!

Archer Art had some of the best contemporary artists on their books, Terry Pastor, George Underwood, Philip Castle, Nick Price etc. Through publishing he was sent to Holland and then to America as the Art Director for TV cartoon shows. He was lucky enough to be sent to The Mill Valley Animation Studio in Novato, Marin County, California... The studio was owned by Gerry Smith who introduced him to his buddy George Lucas! Because of that, he managed to get his own TV series (The Dreamstone) commissioned by Central Television.

Since the late 1990’s he has concentrated on cartoon illustrations for Jigsaw Puzzles. Mike adds "For some strange reason, folk seem to like them!"

What Now?

We are proud to announce that Mike Jupp has brought his irreverent sense of humour to the All Jigsaw Puzzles family, and we have a whole host of new puzzles in the works featuring all his friends! This week we will be releasing the “Wormberry Jam” Range of Jigsaw Puzzles – Including “Grymnitt & The Teddy Bear Tree”, “Rubin and The Fog King”, “Priscilla Prickle” and “Grymnitt’s Lair”:

Grymnitt & The Teddy Bear Tree


In a clearing, far north of the land of Ultima Thule, stands the Teddy Bear Tree: a great pine tree ripe with a crop of golden cones. As the silver pine cone on the top of the tree begins flashing it’s message to Father Christmas, the cones open to reveal the year’s harvest of Teddy Bears!

However, standing at the top of the hill before the tree, is Grymnitt the Ghastly – an evil rock-troll armed with the axe of Odin. He looks menacingly over his shoulder as he plots to cut down the Teddy Bear Tree and steal the shining silver pinecone. Will Father Christmas save the day?

Rubin and The Fog King

The snow and ice of Winter have passed but Spring is yet to come. Vindictive King Fog is here to stay and delights in causing misery to the animals of the forest. Feeling hopeless, the birds hatch a plan to free the Sun from King Fog’s grasp, brave Rubin Drabfeather leads the way to free the sunlight and avenge his fallen comrades, will he save his friends from the endless greyness caused by King Fog?

Priscilla Prickle

The eldest of five hedgehog children, Priscilla Prickle feels she is better than her siblings and doesn’t want to help her Mum make Wormberry Jam or tidy her bedroom. Fed up with doing chores around the house, she has packed up her things, grabbed some yummy blackberries for the journey and has left home to find a better life – little does she know the journey is likely to be treacherous!

Grymnitt’s Lair

Take a trip to Grymnitt’s lair. Beside the Icy Lake that sits beneath his evil fortress is Grymnitt the Ghastly plotting his next dastardly deed. 

Wormberry Jam is a series of four tales to preserve, featuring a cast of wonderfully fun characters. Explore the four seasons through four cautionary tales. 

One More For Luck – Tally Ho! Ho!

In this beautiful autumnal jigsaw puzzle we see a Mother Fox and her cubs in their burrow, but wait – what or who is she carrying? The roles are reversed in Tally Ho! Ho!

An Extra-Special Surprise


Be one of only 500 puzzlers to own a Limited Edition Tally Ho! Ho! 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle, signed by Mike Jupp!

This stunning, limited edition release of Tally Ho! Ho! Includes Mike Jupp’s signature on a numbered slip. We have only made 500 of these extra special jigsaw puzzles to celebrate the launch of the new Mike Jupp Puzzle Brand under All Jigsaw Puzzles! The ultimate treat for any puzzle fan. This limited edition, signed jigsaw puzzle also features a special puzzle piece gift inside!

We hope you’re as excited about this new range of jigsaw puzzles as we are! To explore the range, click here.

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