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Thomas Kinkade Jigsaw Puzzles

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Thomas Kinkade - The Open Gate, Sussex, 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle
g3066-open-gate-sussex1Sale Corner small

Like the other paintings in the Thomas Kinkade collection, The Open Gate, Sussex illustrates the beauty of the natural world from the vibrant flowers to the warmly lit cottage.
( £8.99)
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Thomas Kinkade - Cobblestone Bridge & Village Christmas, 2 x 500 Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaws_cobblestone_bridge_and_villlage_christmaslgSale Corner small

This is a special box of two stunning 500 piece jigsaws featuring charming village scenes painted by the famous American artist Thomas Kinkade.
( £14.99)
Price from £8.99 You save £6.00
Thomas Kinkade: Cinderella 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
14493_1New Corner Ornage small

Thomas Kinkade - A Victorian Christmas Carol Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaws_a_victorian_christmas_carollgSale Corner small


A lovely Christmas scene set in Victorian times, this painting by the famous American artist Thomas Kinkade is transformed by Gibsons into a gorgeous jigsaw puzzle.
( £13.99)
Price from £12.99 You save £1.00
Thomas Kinkade: Ariel 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
19445_1New Corner Ornage small

A wonderful puzzle bringing together the talents of legendary artist Thomas Kinkade and Disney's film of The Little Mermaid.
Price from £12.99
Thomas Kinkade - Evening at Swanbrooke Cottage, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

As the day draws to a close, the cottage by the brook has its fires lit, ready for the cold night ahead.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Gazebo of prayer Jigsaw Puzzle


A lovely addition to the large collection of paintings by the famous American artist Thomas Kinkade, this 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is a delightful way to challenge your mind.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Glory Of Evening, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Stunningly beautiful painting by the hugely famous American artist Thomas Kinkade, with a wonderful scene of an old style cottage set in a colourful dusk.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Holiday Traditions, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


Holiday Traditions is perhaps Kinkade’s most festive 1000 piece jigsaw yet.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Lamplight Brooke, 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle
g8004_lamplight_brookeSale Corner small

The cloudy afternoon sky is reflected in the river that runs between the brightly-lit thatched cottages, and as the ducks gracefully swim on the brook, the geese waddle home past the vibrant foliage.
( £21.99)
Price from £13.99 You save £8.00
Thomas kinkade - Rosebud Cottage Jigsaw Puzzle

From the vast collection of jigsaw puzzles featuring paintings by the popular American artist Thomas Kinkade, 'Rosebud Cottage' is an image you will love to assemble.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Studio In The Garden, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle


Based on the charmingly colourful painting by Americas most collected painter Thomas Kinkade, there is a beautiful mixture of red, orange, blue and pink flowers bordering the garden.
Price from £13.99
Thomas Kinkade - Nanette's Cottage & Spirit of Christmas 2 x 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This 2×500 piece puzzle is the third addition to the Kinkade multi-box collection and is perfect for those who enjoy piecing together a 500 piece jigsaw!
Price from £15.99
Thomas Kinkade 4 x 500 Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaws_thomas_kinkade_4_x_500lgSale Corner small

Four of Thomas Kinkade's finest paintings in one box captured on 500 piece jigsaws. Featuring Everett's Cottage, The Garden Of Prayer, The Light Of Peace and St. Nicholas Circle.
( £21.99)
Price from £15.99 You save £6.00
14 Products
Show More ...: 12 All 
The award winning artist Thomas Kinkade has created a very large collection of beautiful scenes which are available as jigsaw puzzles. From 500 pieces to 2000, there is something for everyone.

Country cottages surrounded by natural beauty, featuring some stunning scenes from all four seasons of the year. Victorian scenes capturing people enjoying outside activities. Coastal scenes of the waves bashing against the rocks.

Thomas Kinkade shows so much detail in all of his work. His floral scenes are pure magical, it is as though he has planted every seed and tendered to every flower with pure love and admiration.
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