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Personalised Puzzles

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Customised Map Jigsaw Puzzle


Home is where the heart is, so why not put a place you love at the heart of a jigsaw map? Your map jigsaw will be completely unique with a distinctive house-shaped centre piece.
Price from £19.99
Jigsaw Map Coasters

Four jigsaw coasters that fit together to show a map centred on your home
Price from £19.99
Personalised World Map Puzzle

This exciting, personalised 400-piece jigsaw puzzle features a full colour political World map with a different style and content for every year from 1890 to the current year.
Price from £19.99
Aerial Photo Coasters

Set of four Personalised Aerial Photo Jigsaw Coasters - Quirky, personal and useful – the perfect gift.
Price from £21.99
Personalised 200 Piece Photo Jigsaw
200 Piece A

Why hide your photos of precious moments and memories away on a hard disk somewhere when you could turn them into a wonderful personalised jigsaw puzzle!
Price from £22.99
Personalised 400 Piece Photo Jigsaw
Jigsaw Collection

Capture your favourite memory in a wonderful 400 piece personalised jigsaw puzzle. What better gift could you give to a friend or loved one.
Price from £22.99
Personalised 500 Piece Photo Jigsaw
500 Piece A

Turn your favourite photo into a fun and original present. What better gift to give than a precious memory turned into a personalised 500 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Price from £24.99
400 Piece Personalised Merry Christmas Map Jigsaw
STREET_9470New Corner Ornage small

Individual, thoughtful and unique, a made-to-order map jigsaw and a fantastic gift. What better way to celebrate that special time together than with this fun puzzle that shows an area chosen by you?
Price from £29.99
Best Dad in The World Personalised Jigsaw

Celebrate your Dad and tell him literally he is the “World’s Greatest Dad” with our fantastic personalised “World’s Greatest Dad” Map Jigsaw puzzle.
Price from £29.99
Personalised 1000 Piece Photo Jigsaw
1000 Piece A

What better gift to give a friend or loved one than a jigsaw of a photo that means something special to them. Our 1000 piece photo puzzle lets you do just that.
Price from £29.99
Personalised Heart-Shaped Map Jigsaw
IMG_0459New Corner Ornage small

Looking for an original romantic gift for a loved one? Show your appreciation with a heart-shaped jigsaw puzzle featuring a map or aerial image with your special place in the centre.
Price from £29.99
Personalised Mother's Day Jigsaw puzzle
MD Aerial Box web

Treat your Mum to Personalised Mother’s Day Postcode Jigsaw, a unique postcode centred map jigsaw puzzle, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day
Price from £29.99
Personalised Times Front Page Jigsaw Puzzle


The past meets the present with this superb 400-piece jigsaw puzzle featuring the front page of The London Times newspaper on a date of your choice.
Price from £29.99
We First Met Personalised Jigsaw

The ‘We First Met’ Personalised Jigsaw allows you to create a unique jigsaw by customising the location shown by simply providing the post code.
Price from £29.99
14 Products
Show More ...: 12 All 
Personalised jigsaws are simply a 'Must Have' !

Choose a postcode area you would like made in to a puzzle, either 255 pieces or 400 pieces to choose from. These are available as Ordnance Survey® Landranger® Mapping, Ordnance Survey® Street-
Level Mapping, Bartholomew Street-Level London Mapping and Victorian Ordnance Survey Mapping.

You can have an aerial image made of your postcode, these are taken from 4000 feet in the air.

Another fabulous gift is The front page of the Times in 400 pieces from a date of your choice.
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