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Large Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

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A Hop, Skip and a Jump, XXL Jigsaw Puzzle

A charming illustration from the collection of puzzles with large pieces. The colourful image and its nostalgic atmosphere make this jigsaw a joy to assemble.
Price £7.99
Beautiful Ocean 100 XXL Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful and fascinating illustration transformed by Ravensburger into a lovely 100 piece jigsaw for children of six years and up. The extra large pieces can be handled easily by smaller hands.
Price £7.99
Big Cat Nap XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

An adorable illustration that will surely make any puzzler smile. Manufactured by Ravensburger, this wonderful jigsaw has extra large 200 pieces that are perfect for children of over six years.
Price £7.99
Building A House XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Campsite Chaos Large 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a hilarious illustration that will surely make you smile. 'Campsite Chaos' has 200 large pieces that fit together perfectly and are a joy to assemble.
Price £7.99
Canalside Memories Large 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely image from the popular artist Trevor Mitchell, who enjoys painting nostalgic country scenes featuring steam trains and vintage vehicles among other charming elements.
Price £7.99
Crazy Cats Make Do and Mend, XXL300pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Cute Kittens XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Despicable 2 Me XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun XXL100 piece jigsaw puzzle shows what Gru’s tiny, yellow and loyal Minions do best! They love causing mayhem almost as much as they love bananas!
Price £7.99
Disney Aerial XXL 150pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Any Little Mermaid fan will love this jigsaw. This bright, vibrant and fun illustration shows just how much fun Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian are having together in their magical underwater world.
Price £7.99
Disney Frozen XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle shows the end of a magical journey with Kristoff, Olaf and Sidekick Sven, when Anna finally finds her sister the Snow Queen, Elsa.
Price £7.99
Disney Frozen XXL100 - Spot the Difference Puzzle

Frozen has become one of Disney's most popular films. Now you can join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, Kristoff, and Hans on this "Spot the difference" puzzle.
Price £7.99
Finding Nemo, XXL 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This colourful puzzle shows Nemo joining his classmates for the first time, under the watchful eye of their teacher Mr Ray. 100 piece extra large puzzle.
Price £7.99
Horse Heaven, XXL 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
I Love London XXL 100 - Includes Fact Sheet Jigsaw Puzzle


A wonderful and informative jigsaw puzzle for young travel enthusiasts. The image features all the popular landmarks in London in bright colours and 100 extra large pieces that are easier to handle.
Price £7.99
Jungle XXL 200pc 8+ Jigsaw Puzzle


A marvellous range of dazzling, gorgeous colours and amazing attention to detail make this puzzle with 200 extra, extra large pieces a fun, energetic experience while learning.
Price £7.99
Music Castle, XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
One Direction XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This bright montage design includes lots of photos of the 1D boys - Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn. Puzzlers aged 8 years upwards will find plenty to keep them interested and entertained.
Price £7.99
Panda XXL 300pc 9+ Jigsaw Puzzle

A cute and realistic puzzle of a mother panda cuddling her baby panda next to a serene river with a waterfall.
Price £7.99
Piccadilly Circus XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Picnic Outing XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Pirate Battle XXL 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

A fabulous jigsaw for all pirate fans of six years and up, this beautifully painted illustration features an action packed scene with bright colours.
Price £7.99
Sea Breezes XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
Special Delivery XXL 100 Jigsaw Puzzle

Children crowd around in anticipation as the Cadbury's Santa makes his way slowly down the snow filled street.
Price £7.99
Spiderman 2 XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This colourful and dramatic jigsaw puzzle shows Spider-Man creeping towards us, looking as though he's going to pounce at any moment. A good gift for fans of this stunning new film.
Price £7.99
The Muppets XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

The entire Muppets gang are on a global tour, selling out grand theatres in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations. However, mayhem follows the Muppets overseas.
Price £7.99
The New Major XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
The Poppy Field XXL 100 Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful sunny day in the countryside. With the blue sky dancing with geese, horses lazily picking through the fields that are a sea of brilliant red poppies and fluttering butterflies.
Price £7.99
Train Your Dragon XXL100 Jigsaw Puzzle

This extra large 100 piece jigsaw puzzle features all your favourite How to Train your Dragon characters from the second film including Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, Stormfly, Tuffnutn and many more.
Price £7.99
World Famous Buildings, XXL 200pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
World of Wildlife, XXL 300pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £7.99
After The Game XL 250pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £8.99
The Final Overs XL250pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £8.99
The Village Fete XL250pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £8.99
Jan van Haastern Large Piece - Neighbours Jigsaw Puzzle


With its extra large pieces, puzzlers who find average pieces a little tricky to handle can now join in the Jan van Haasteren fun!
Price £10.99
A Welcome Delivery XL 500 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a charming illustration from the collection of puzzles made from 500 extra large pieces. Suitable for children and adults with handling difficulties, this lovely image is a joy to assemble
Price £12.99
Cat Nap - Large Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle


An adorable image from popular artist Linda Jane Smith, creator of the crazy cats that always know how to have a lot of fun. Manufactured by Gibsons with extra large pieces.
Price £12.99
Cats On Holiday XL 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £12.99
Christmas in The Hall, XL500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £12.99
Christmas Post XL 500 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A nostalgic Christmas scene painted in vivid colours, this 500 piece jigsaw will brighten your day. With extra large pieces that make it suitable for both kids or adults with handling difficulties.
Price £12.99
Horses For Courses XL 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a beautiful illustration from the series of puzzles made from 500 extra large pieces. Perfect for children and adults with handling difficulties.
Price £12.99
Outside The Regent XL 500 pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely addition to the series featuring nostalgic illustrations in extra large pieces. 'Outside The Regent', by the artist Trevor Mitchell, is a high quality jigsaw puzzle that is a joy to assemble.
Price £12.99
Puppies Will Be Puppies, XL 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £12.99
Rollicking Rafters XL 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely illustration by John Francis, this colourful image is from a series of puzzles made with extra large pieces that make them easier to assemble and to enjoy.
Price £12.99
Swings and Roundabouts XL 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Price £12.99
45 Products
Show: 12 24 All 
Here is a collection of jigsaw puzzles in Large, Extra Large and Extra Extra large pieces. These are especially for children or adults with poor sight or handling difficulties.

There is a varied collection to enjoy, cartoon themed, animals nostalgia and scenic. These are colourful jigsaws which makes them more enjoyable and easier to complete. These range from 100 to 500 pieces.

All pieces are made from good quality board making them easy to handle and piece together.

Some wonderful piece of artwork in this collection from Trevor Mitchell, Graham Kennedy, John Francis, Kevin Walsh for all to enjoy.

We have found that the XXL 100 piece collection by Gibsons has been extremely popular for those suffering with dementia.
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