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Fantasy Art Jigsaw Puzzles

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Lorrie McFaul - The Fairy Garden, 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle
the_fairy_gardenSale Corner small

From the lovely collection featuring illustrations by Lorrie McFaul, this beautiful jigsaw is a perfect example of the artist's unique style and talent.
( £8.99)
Price from £5.99 You save £3.00
Pegasus, Kirk Reinert Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaw-puzzles-14136lgSale Corner small

A beautiful depiction of a work of art by well-known fantasy artist Kirk Reinert, this Pegasus - Kirk Reinert jigsaw puzzle shows the mythical beast in full flight.
( £8.99)
Price from £5.99 You save £3.00
Dragons Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful 50 piece puzzle full of dragons of all colours and sizes, swooping and diving on the castle in front of the full moon, and guarding their precious horde of treasure.
Price from £6.99
Lullaby Jigsaw Puzzle


Under a moonlit sky, a proud white tiger cradles her precious cub to sleep. A lovely scene.
Price from £7.99
Bibian Blue - Carlotta Chilli Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaws-bibian_blue_carlotta_chillilgSale Corner small

Part of the Bibian Blue puzzle range of four colourful and interesting puzzles, based on four different stunning outfits by Spanish fashion designer Bibian Blue.
( £12.99)
Price from £8.44 You save £4.55
Bibian Blue - Gloria Gold Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaw-puzzles-bibian_blue_gloria_goldlgSale Corner small

A stunning puzzle from a range of four, based on the popular fashion designer Bibian Blue's contemporary fashion designs. With a wonderful use of colour and lighting.
( £12.99)
Price from £8.44 You save £4.55
Lorrie McFaul - Someone To Watch Over me Jigsaw Puzzle
someone_to_watch_over_meSale Corner small

A series featuring illustrations made by the artist Lorrie McFaul. With 1000 pieces, this lovely jigsaw puzzle is a wonderful way to challenge your mind.
( £12.99)
Price from £8.44 You save £4.55
Angel Love - Julie Fain Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a beautiful image from a series of paintings made by American artist Julie Fain. Transformed by Schmidt into gorgeous jigsaw puzzles.
Price from £8.99
Full Moon Night - Julie Fain Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful addition to the series of jigsaw puzzles made from the beautiful works of art created by American artist Julie Fain.
Price from £8.99
Lorrie McFaul - The Proposal Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a beautiful series of illustrations by Lorrie McFaul, transformed by Schmidt into beautiful jigsaws. With 500 pieces that are a joy to assemble.
Price from £8.99
UL13 Alchemy - Cursed Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaw-puzzles-cursedsmSale Corner small

An interesting illustration from the fashionable brand Alchemy/Urban Lifestyle, celebrating the special art of tattoos. With 1000 high quality pieces that are a pleasure to handle and to assemble.
( £13.99)
Price from £8.99 You save £5.00
Unicorns At Sunset, 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful and colourful illustration that will surely brighten any day. Manufactured by Educa, this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle is a joy to assemble.
Price from £8.99
Victoria Frances - Dress Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaw-puzzles-336lgSale Corner small


A reproduction of a work by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, this Dress jigsaw puzzle will whisk you away to a world of mystery, passion, and romance.
( £13.99)
Price from £8.99 You save £5.00
Waterfall Fairies, 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle

While everyone is asleep the magical fairies are gathered around the waterfall full of grace and colour.
Price from £8.99
Fairy-tale Fantasia, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Enter the world of fantastic stories and magical tales with this richly-coloured and detailed scene.
Price from £11.99
Game of Thrones 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This 1000 piece puzzle is a must-have for every fan of the smash-hit GAME OF THRONES series, whether it be from watching the show on television or reading the books by George R.R Martin
Price from £11.99
The Mariner's Chest - Colin Thompson Jigsaw Puzzle


A wonderful companion to the best selling Bizarre Bookshop, Colin Thompson's illustration of a Mariner's Chest is packed full of odds, ends and curiosities that are a joy to discover.
Price from £11.99
A City on the Wing - Jacek Yerka Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a stunning painting from the famous Polish artist Jacek Yerka. His beautiful works of art include odd beasts roaming whimsical landscapes.
Price from £12.99
Butterfly Lass - Julie Fain Jigsaw Puzzle

This is a stunning addition to the series of jigsaw puzzles made from the beautiful work of American artist Julie Fain.
Price from £12.99
Chris Saunders - Snarling Tiger 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
59323_Motiv_grossNew Corner Ornage small

David Delamare - Autumn Procession Jigsaw Puzzle


A beautiful and fascinating illustration from the collection featuring some of the works made by the famous artist David Delamare.
Price from £12.99
David Delamare - Music of the Spheres Jigsaw Puzzle

This is an illustration by the British-American artist David Delamare. 'Music of the Spheres' is painted in the artist's preferred theme of fantasy.
Price from £12.99
Dolls - Luis Royo Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle that celebrates the work of Italian artist Luis Royo, this Dolls jigsaw puzzle features a strong and attractive looking women in the centre of a detailed work of art fantasy.
Price from £12.99
Garden, Catalina Estrada Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely illustration from Catalina Estrada, an artist who blends elements of Latin American folklore from her homeland of Colombia with modern features of graphic design.
Price from £12.99
Ice Fairy Jigsaw Puzzle

An enchanting work of fantasy art. Enter the magical world with this fantastic jigsaw.
Price from £12.99
Jacek Yerka - Low Tide Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful example of the wonderful world created by Jacek Yerka. His paintings feature magical worlds with fantastic creatures, whimsical landscapes and suspended cities.
Price from £12.99
John Rattenbury - Dreamlike Waterfall 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
59321_Motiv_grossNew Corner Ornage small

John Rattenbury - Heavenly Bay 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
59319_Motiv_grossNew Corner Ornage small

John Rattenbury - Swan Mates 1000 Piece jigsaw Puzzle
59322_Motiv_grossNew Corner Ornage small

John Rattenbury - Valley Bathed in golden Light 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
59320_Motiv_grossNew Corner Ornage small

Julie Fain - The Magic of The Stars Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful addition to the series featuring the works of Julie Fain. Painted in her signature style of silhouetted fantasy figures in a vividly coloured scenery.
Price from £12.99
Mandy Reinmuth - Look At Me, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Look At Me is a stunning jigsaw made from an illustration by German artist Mandy Reinmuth. Manufactured by Schmidt, this 1000 piece puzzle is a unique piece of art that will engage your mind.
Price from £12.99
Mermaid - Julie Fain Jigsaw Puzzle

From a series of paintings by the American artist Julie Fain, this stunning image is made in the artist's signature style of silhouetted figures placed on brightly coloured canvases.
Price from £12.99
Outer Space Jigsaw Puzzle

Price from £12.99
The Gypsy Medina - David Delamare Jigsaw Puzzle

A stunning painting by the American-British artist David Delamare. Famous for fantasy inspired works, this image is a perfect example of his wonderful style and talent.
Price from £12.99
The Kiss Jigsaw Puzzle


An enchanting image, The Kiss jigsaw puzzle is a full colour image of two magical looking fairies stealing a kiss in the beautiful woodlands they call home.
Price from £12.99
Undine, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Undine is a fantasy art illustration from Schmidt's vast collection of puzzles. At 1000 pieces and with a beautiful and brightly coloured image the jigsaw represents a challenge worth taking
Price from £12.99
Yumemi Hirugao, Shu Jigsaw Puzzle

A colourful illustration from the popular artist Shu Mizoguchi, who uses digital painting to create his fascinating and magical worlds. 'Yumemi Hirugao' is a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Price from £12.99
Black Swan - 2000 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle
jigsaws_black_swanlgSale Corner small

This is a striking digital illustration featuring an artist's interpretation of a scene from Tchaikovsky's famous Swan Lake.
( £18.99)
Price from £13.99 You save £5.00
Cris Ortega - Key Jigsaw Puzzle


A beautiful digital painting by popular Spanish artist Cris Ortega, who creates fantasy worlds in her lovely illustrations, used in books, magazines and comics.
Price from £13.99
Cris Ortega - Owl Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful and mysterious digital painting from Spanish artist Cris Ortega. She creates wonderful magical worlds in her work that features stunning women and fantasy elements.
Price from £13.99
Cris Ortega - Swans Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful digital painting from popular Spanish artist Cris Ortega. Her work features fantasy characters in beautiful settings and 'Swans' is a perfect example of her talent.
Price from £13.99
Luis Royo - Rock Jigsaw Puzzle

The Luis Royo - Rock jigsaw puzzle is another work from the Spanish fantasy art master. It is a full colour work of art that depicts a beautiful young women in a sexy outfit.
Price from £13.99
Luis Royo - Spell Jigsaw Puzzle

This Luis Royo - Spell jigsaw puzzle is by the Spanish artist that bears its name. He is well known for placing strong and attractive females in the centre of his works of art.
Price from £13.99
Luis Royo, Kneel Down (Panoramic) Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely illustration from the popular Spanish artist Luis Royo, featured in his book 'Dead Moon'. The image is painted in his unique style of delicate brushstrokes and muted colours
Price from £13.99
Luis Royo, Look Down (Vertical) Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful painting by the popular Spanish artist Luis Royo, taken from his wonderful book 'Dead Moon'. The image is a perfect example of the artist's style and talent.
Price from £13.99
Melanie Delon - Fan (Vertical ) Jigsaw Puzzle


A stunning portrait created by French artist Melanie Delon, painted with amazing details that will be fascinating to assemble.
Price from £13.99
Melanie Delon - Forest Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful painting by French artist Melanie Delon, from Heye's wonderful collection of art inspired jigsaws. With 1000 pieces that fit together perfectly.
Price from £13.99
Mermaid - Katarina Sokolova Jigsaw Puzzle

An interesting addition to the series from Heye that features art inspired jigsaws. This digital painting by Ukrainian artist Katarina Sokolova is a great example of her style and talent.
Price from £13.99
Ocampo - Face Jigsaw Puzzle

A work of puzzle art by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo, this Ocampo - Face jigsaw puzzle is sure to please fans who enjoy his fascinating images.
Price from £13.99
Silent Whispers Jigsaw Puzzle

This fascinating digital painting is from Clementoni's vast collection of art inspired jigsaw puzzles. 'Silent Whispers' is a Gothic inspired illustration made into a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.
Price from £13.99
Spiderweb - Katarina Sokolova - Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful digital painting by Ukrainian artist Katarina Sokolova, created in her unique fantasy art style that is full of charm.
Price from £13.99
UL13 Alchemy - Ink Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful illustration from the famous brand Alchemy/Urban Lifestyle, in a series that celebrates the ancient art of tattooing.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Bloodsucker Jigsaw Puzzle

A dark and interesting addition to Heye's special collection of art inspired jigsaws. Painted by, Spanish artist Victoria Frances, 'Bloodsucker' features her unique Gothic and fantasy art style.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Embrace Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful drawing by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, transformed by Heye into a lovely 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle that is a joy to assemble, though not without a challenge.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Hat (Vertical ) Jigsaw Puzzle

A haunting and fascinating painting by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, from Heye's vast collection of art inspired jigsaws. With 1000 high quality pieces that are a joy to handle and to assemble.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Poison Jigsaw Puzzle


Another work by the famous Spanish artist and author, this Victoria Frances - Poison puzzle is another piece that will transport you to a world of mystery and passion.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Vampires Jigsaw Puzzle

This Victoria Frances - Vampires jigsaw puzzle is a dazzling work of art that depicts the creatures of the night in a new light.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances - Venice Jigsaw Puzzle


Another work from the Spanish author and artist known for passion and romantic works, this Victoria Frances - Venice jigsaw puzzle is stunning and passionate look at Old World Europe.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances Misty Circus - Carousel Jigsaw Puzzle

A charming illustration made by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, painted in a different style from her popular Gothic works, though with the same permeating sadness.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances Misty Circus - Red Nose Jigsaw Puzzle


A lovely illustration created by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, in a departure from her popular Gothic works. Misty Circus series features a world filled with themes of mystery, darkness and sorrow.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances Misty Circus, Broom, Jigsaw Puzzle

A lovely illustration by the Spanish artist Victoria Frances, 'Misty Circus' features a slight departure from her Gothic style paintings.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Frances, Cameo Jigsaw Puzzle

From the large collection featuring the works of Spanish artist and author Victoria Frances, this lovely illustration is a perfect example of her painting style and talent.
Price from £13.99
Victoria Francis Misty Circus - Tent Jigsaw Puzzle

A wonderful painting made by Spanish artist Victoria Frances, created in a different style from her other Gothic works.
Price from £13.99
Vindicta Pendragon - Alchemy Gothic (Vertical ) Jigsaw Puzzle

An exciting illustration from the popular brand Alchemy Gothic, presented by Heye in a special vertical format. With 1000 beautifully coloured pieces, this jigsaw puzzle is a joy to assemble.
Price from £13.99
Bibian Blue - Ruby Red In A Keepsake Tin, 1000 Jigsaw Puzzle

Bibian Blue - Ruby Red In A Keepsake Tin' is a wonderful example of the fashion designer's work. At 1000 pieces, the jigsaw manufactured by Schmidt features one of the artist's trademark corsets.
Price from £14.99
Victoria Frances - Shoeless Jigsaw Puzzle

A dark, Gothic puzzle of a fairy barefoot in the snow. Based on an image by Spanish fantasy illustrator and author Victoria Frances.
Price from £14.99
Fallen Leaves, Victoria Frances - 1500 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle


A wonderful image from Spanish artist Victoria Frances, painted in her signature style that features beautiful and mysterious women overwhelmed by sadness.
Price from £16.99
Fairy Magic, 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

Fairy magic' is a vividly coloured piece of fantasy art that will surely brighten up your day. With 2000 pieces, the jigsaw puzzle is as beautiful as it is challenging to assemble
Price from £18.99
Ivoire, Bente Schlick - 2000 Pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

A gorgeous and haunting painting by Bente Schlick, depicting the artist's take on the classic tale of Snow White. This 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle is as challenging as it is beautiful.
Price from £18.99
The Silent Hills - Panoramic, 2000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

A large vertical panoramic, 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle with beautiful colouring and precise attention to detail, this is a stunning and delicate image of a Japanese women in the snow.
Price from £19.99
Melanie Delon - Octopus (2000 Pieces) Jigsaw Puzzle

An interesting and mysterious addition to the vast collection from Heye featuring jigsaws made from various works of art.
Price from £20.99
Victoria Frances - Fire (Vertical 2000 Pieces) Jigsaw Puzzle

A beautiful addition to the lovely series of jigsaws from Heye featuring the works of Spanish artist Victoria Frances. With a high count number of 2000 beautifully painted pieces.
Price from £20.99
Cris Ortega - Red (3000 Pieces) Jigsaw Puzzle


A rising star amongst illustrators, Spanish artist Chris Ortega's work has been used in books, magazines and comics - her stunning pieces translate beautifully into jigsaws.
Price from £26.99
74 Products
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Enjoy piecing together a world of pure fantasy in this category. Whether your love is of fairies, dragons, gothic, romance, fashion, unicorns etc. There is something for everyone to enjoy.

Just a handful of artists below that we are lucky enough to have jigsaw puzzles by , plenty more in this category.

Spanish artist Victoria Francis transports people in to an exciting world full of romance, mystery and passion.  In her paintings she takes a fascinating look into the dark, the magical and the dangerous, which always produces an exciting and enticing results.

French artist Melanie Delon likes to create worlds and characters. Especially enchanting are the beautiful faces of her figures, intimate moments of seclusion and response.

Spanish artist Cris Ortega captures a world of beauty and charm in extreme detailed compositions.

Stunning jigsaws by Maxine Gadd who has a wonderful selection of different themes although the most popular are the fairy and fantasy paintings.

Mandy Reinmuth is most known for her love of colourful fashion  artwork, these are popular as calenders, CD Covers and stationery products.

David Delemare has painted since childhood, his only other job was a brief stint as a blues guitarist. His paintings have been purchased by museums and have featured in the prestigious annual, Spectrum; The best in Contemporary Fantasy Art.
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